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Recruiting a strong pharmacy technician team

Recruitment of a strong pharmacy technician work force takes into account many factors within an organization. In a competitive environment for workforce talent, investing in a robust recruitment strategy is an important strategy for every organization. Development of this strategy is a partnership with the organization’s human resources department. It should be started by developing a comprehensive understanding of your organizations’s strategic direction. Use the resources below to learn more on developing robust recruitment strategies.

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Advocating to HR ASHP Guidelines Benefit Packages Compensation Recruitment Pipeline

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Communicating Value to the C-Suite

Compensation Evaluation

Pharmacy Technician Wage Evaluation

Stabilizing the Pharmacy Technician Workforce as an Imperative for the Chief Pharmacy Officer

Stewardship of the Pharmacy Technician Workforce

Partnering with Human Resources

Remote Work Opportunities

Partnerships with High Schools

ASHP Guidelines

ASHP Guidelines on Recruitment, Selection, and Retention

Benefit Package Promotion

Benefits Package Promotion

Recruitment Pipeline

Recruitment Pipeline