Remote Work Opportunities

Workplace flexibility is becoming increasingly relevant when it comes to recruitment and retention initiatives in all industries. Traditionally, pharmacy technicians have had little opportunity to work remotely. Through a combination of necessity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and forward-thinking boards of pharmacy, remote work opportunities have increased dramatically for pharmacy technicians.

Specialty and retail positions are the most likely jobs to offer remote work opportunities, with several states having approved remote prescription processing without onsite pharmacist supervision. There are also advanced support roles that can work with a remote or hybrid model such as operations, project management, training and development, compliance, and many more.

Remote work opportunities are just one way of offering more flexible work scenarios. Though it is not right for all – or even most – technician roles, it is a way of competing with comparable job opportunities for those who might consider working as a technician. Moreover, it is an important part of an organization’s strategy for attracting pharmacy technicians to its workplace.

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