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Professional development can improve job satisfaction and help retain staff

Professional development and career advancement of pharmacy technicians can lead to improved job satisfaction and retention of staff. This section of the resource center provides resources and tools for career support (e.g. certification, training), licensure support, and successful onboarding strategies. Tools and resources for developing career ladders and training program development will also be provided.

The Pharmacy Technician Society℠ (TPTS), a national membership organization devoted exclusively to the needs of pharmacy technicians, is the collective voice of pharmacy technicians who practice in hospital systems, community pharmacies, clinics, and all other settings. TPTS supports the career advancement and professionalization of the pharmacy technician workforce through education, networking, policy development, and advocacy.

ASHP has launched PharmTech Ready, an off-the-shelf solution for the didactic component of technician training programs that aligns with standards from ASHP and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. The materials are applicable to a variety of healthcare settings and methods of delivery for technician training programs.

All development resources

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Pharmacy Technician Development: Advancing the Career Trajectory

Not “Just” a Pharmacy Technician: Developing Your Professional Identity

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Models for Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Developing a Hospital-Based Pharmacy Technician Training Program

ASHP Surveys

Manual for Pharmacy Technicians, 5th Edition

Accredited Training Programs

PTCB Certification

Pharmacy Technician Job Descriptions

Technician Initiatives and Development: Moving Beyond New Roles to Leadership

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Constructing a Pharmacy Technician Career Ladder: Best Practices for Engaging Stakeholders

Continuing Education

Pharmacy Technician Forum

ASHP Pharmacy Leadership Certificate: Management Basics

Professional Certificates from ASHP

Pharmacy Technician Development

PharmTech Ready

Pharmacy Technician Learning Preferences

Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Entry-level Practice Requirements of Pharmacy Technicians

Mentorship Programs

Key Roles for Pharmacy Technicians

The Value of Pharmacy Technicians

Experience of Regulated Pharmacy Technicians in Ontario

Will new Standards for Pharmacy Technician Education Change Pharmacy Practice

Stabilizing the Pharmacy Technician Workforce as an Imperative for the Chief Pharmacy Officer

Stewardship of the Pharmacy Technician Workforce

Developing a Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Remote Work Opportunities

Licensure Support Tactics